Hackers discovered the cause of mysterious train disruptions in Poland

According to press reports, Newag, a rolling stock manufacturer, deliberately caused disruptions to its trains to take over lucrative repair jobs.

Two websites – Onet and Zaufana Trzecia Strona – independently published articles that a code had been detected in the software of Impuls trains manufactured by Newag, causing them to be disabled when they were maintained by an external company.

Such surprising conclusions were drawn by the hacker group Dragon Sector, which dealt with mysterious train disruptions on behalf of railway companies from all over Poland.

The locomotives of the company controlled by millionaire Zbigniew Jakubas run throughout Poland: including: in PolRegio companies, in Koleje Dolnośląskie, in the Fast Urban Railway in Warsaw – they transport passengers going, for example, to Okęcie Airport. To have view of modern and comfortable.

Press releases Wednesday morning led to a fluctuation in the exchange rate Newag shares. The company denies everything, and Jakubas, who manages it, associates the Onet article with an attempt to manipulate the exchange rate.

A scandal at the Polish railways. Newag denies the hackers’ findings

“Our software is clean. We have not introduced, we do not introduce and we will not introduce solutions in the software of our trains that lead to deliberate failures. This is slander on the part of our competition, which conducts an illegal black market PR campaign against us,” the company wrote in a statement to the editors of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.”

“DGP” points out that if media reports about Newag were confirmed, the company would be at risk of being eliminated from the public procurement market across the EU, on four different legal grounds.

Janusz Cieszyński, former Minister of Digital Affairs, commented on the issue. “The president of Newag has contacted me. He claims that Newag was a victim of cyber criminals and that it was not an intentional action by the company. The analysis I saw indicated otherwise, but for the sake of clarity I will write about everything .” said Cieszyński on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Onet’s findings show that the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau has addressed the mysterious train defects.

Source: Do Rzeczy