The government is changing the maneuver with 4 changes: pensions are also changing

The approval period for the 2024 budget has been shortened, and the government announced that it will submit four changes under four headings: security-defence, health-related social security, local governments and investments. This was reported by the Fi group leader in the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri, at the end of the group leaders meeting.

For this reason, the opposition states that changes are planned regarding cuts in pensions, but this only applies to the health sector, and underlines that teachers and other public employees continue to be punished while doing so. But let’s go in order.

Maneuver, the government announced 4 changes

The conference of group leaders decided to schedule the beginning of the budget bill’s introduction in Parliament on December 18, with a slight change. “Some changes need to be put on the table on some very important issues,” Minister of Parliamentary Relations Luca Ciriani said at the end of the conference of group leaders in the Senate. “There is the revision of the criteria for calculating pensions of medical personnel, which is a long-awaited rule. Then there is the scope of the union agreement with the armed forces and police forces. In addition, the government will allocate an additional fund specifically for the Regions. With the renewal of the Irpef withholding tax, those who were punished, then ordinary ones “A fund will be created to compensate for the increases in energy costs, therefore, by intervening in investments, the costs of the Bosphorus Bridge will be re-determined and then on roads and highways.”

Regarding the pension cut, the government appears to aim to preserve the allowance for those who retire after reaching old age requirements. However, “staged” deductions have been confirmed for those who opt for an advance. For the healthcare sector – as Meloni recently announced – an additional protection mechanism is being considered to reduce the penalty when approaching the old-age pension age. “We will do our best to resolve and fix it.”

Boccia (Pd): “They only adjust pensions for healthcare”

Attention will focus on the government’s amendment to the social security budget law, which concerns only healthcare workers. Francesco Boccia, the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, stated that he was “concerned that the demands made by doctors in yesterday’s strike (December 5) did not affect other operators, and that he was worried that doctors would continue to punish them.” teachers and all other public employees”.

“We are very worried, because it is clear that the government itself corrected the budget law, although the majority did not propose changes to the budget law. We were really silent. We are here, we will try to put them on the table. Because we are very worried, there are related problems, especially social security. First they cut pensions, now they are trying to fix some of them, but the number of doctors, nurses and teachers who want to retire early is increasing,” concluded Boccia. .

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Source: Today IT