Rental properties in the country have increased from 40% to 47%

The Labor Market Report of the National Ministry of Statistics, dane, In the tenth month of the year, it appeared that real estate activities contributed 0.4 percentage points to the occupancy rate, while housing and services contributed 1.2 percentage points and public administration 0.8 percentage points.

“Besides, inside the third quarter of the yearHe gross domestic product (GDP) of the sector real estate activities grew by 1.8% compared to the same period in 2022, and represented 8.8% of the total national GDP. The sector remains positive despite the decline in the value added of the national economy,” added the president of Fedelonjas, an entity that unites more than 10,500 real estate agents in the national territory.

According to data from Fedelonjas, the rental market has approximately 264,764 new renter households every year. “The trend has changed: now 40.2% of households live in rent (a figure that rises to 47% in big cities”), said Mario Ramírez.

Source: El heraldo