Revolutionary plans of the European Commission. Brussels wants to control the strategic market

The European Commission is developing the European Defense Industrial Strategy (EDIS), which aims to manage the supply of military equipment at EU level.

The European Union plans to tighten control over arms supplies to Ukraine by creating an internal market.

“A more integrated and competitive European defense market will enable the European arms industry to benefit from economies of scale, improving the efficiency of weapons factories,” Euractiv quoted one of the EC documents as saying.

Brussels’ revolutionary proposal for an EU defense industrial strategy is likely to entail the creation and security of bloc-wide supply chains, with mapping, monitoring, procurement prioritization and facilitated exports within the EU.

The EC wants to bring the EU arms market under its control. The reason is the war in Ukraine

The Commission plans, among other things, to identify bottlenecks in supply chains, simplify transfers within the EU, monitor stockpiles of ammunition, artillery shells and other military production, and secure supplies financed by the European Defense Fund (EDF).

Brussels states that in this way it wants to avoid threats related to crises, export controls and logistical problems that could lead to limited supplies of weapons and ammunition.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has previously noted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become a “wake-up call” for the EU’s military capabilities. In March this year, Brussels promised to deliver 1 million missiles worth 1 billion euros to Ukraine within twelve months. In the autumn it became clear that this EU plan was unrealistic, as only 30 percent of it had been implemented by October.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius confirmed the impossibility of fulfilling the promise to Kiev, adding that the EU is working to increase weapons production.

Source: Do Rzeczy