The US Senate has rejected the spending package for Ukraine. Republicans have a reason

The US Senate has rejected the financial package for Ukraine. However, the Republicans do not want to withhold aid, but do not want to include the protection of their own border in the project.

President Joe Biden’s administration has asked Congress to allocate $111 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan and boost security at the U.S. southern border, which is under pressure from African and Asian migrants. The largest part of the package would be spent on aid to Ukraine – more than PLN 60 billion.

The Senate rejected the Ukraine package

The bill did not receive enough majority in the Senate to move forward. All Republicans voted against due to the fact that the package did not include the issue of protecting the US border from crowds of foreigners. The procedure has been going on for many months and according to the Republican party there has been no response from Washington.

The project was ultimately not lost because a majority of Republicans in the Senate support continued aid to Ukraine, but at the same time wants to put pressure on the Democrats to include appropriate provisions in the project to secure their own borders. This includes: for limiting asylum policies and resuming construction of a fence on the border with Mexico, from which masses of Africans, Asians, but also, to a lesser extent, Chinese and Russians, flow into the United States.

Biden: The world is watching what the US is doing

Referring to the position of Republicans, Joe Biden said that Washington’s inability to provide Ukraine with additional aid works to the advantage of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

– The whole world is watching what the United States will do to help Ukraine. It is unclear what other countries will do for Ukraine if the US does not take up the challenge. Financial support for Kiev cannot wait any longer, the President of the United States said.

We cannot let Vladimir Putin win. If Putin conquers Ukraine, he will not stop there, the US president said, quoted by Reuters.

– Russia will then face the possibility of attacking an American ally in NATO, and this would mean fighting American soldiers against Russian soldiers, Biden recalled. – I call on Congress to stand on the side of freedom – he emphasized.

Peskov: We see that there are problems in the West

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the President of the Russian Federation, commented on the prospect of ending the West’s financing of Ukraine.

The mantras of unconditional support for Ukraine are repeated and are not new. But the West now has a problem with financing costs. Clearly there is a problem with this, Peskov said in a statement to the media.

Peskov said the United States is “torn by internal contradictions over the discussion of the desirability of mindlessly continuing to burn tens of billions of dollars at the height of the Ukrainian war.”

Source: Do Rzeczy