The dollar opens higher and hits $4,000 again

The dollar opens higher and hits ,000 again

This is the third month in a row that the number of people has fallen jobs available, a situation that experts say could reflect a cooling of the labor market as a result of the eleven tariff increases applied by the government fed to lower prices.

For example, the number of new employees in October amounted to 5.9 million, while the number of layoffs amounted to 5.6 million, figures very similar to those of the previous month, according to the BLS. Among the divorces, there were 3.6 million layoffs and 1.6 million dismissed.

These details are known a few days before fed will announce at the last meeting of the year whether it will implement another interest rate increase. The rates are now between 5.25 and 5.5%.

For its part, the price of Brent oil benchmark for Colombia, fell 0.87% to USD76.53, while the WTI crude oil fell 0.93% to USD71.65.

Source: El heraldo