The future of CPK. Tusk’s clear words

The future of CPK will be decided in a transparent manner, Donald Tusk announced during his presentation.

During his program speech in the Sejm, Donald Tusk referred to the issue of the construction of the central communications gate. Let us not forget that in recent weeks there have been conflicting opinions from the coalition camp regarding the planned port in Baranów. This is one of the flagship development projects initiated by Law and Justice.

During a meeting with the residents of Jagodno in Wrocław, Donald Tusk suggested that the project be cancelled. As he said, he prefers “to take a taxi in Sopot and be at the airport in 20 minutes than to go to the station, take the train and go to Baranów between Łódź and Warsaw.”

The future of CPK is uncertain

How did the PO leader respond to the issue of building a huge airport during his presentation? Donald Tusk stated that the project would be analyzed and made no specific statement on the matter.

– Whatever investment decisions we make, people will no longer cry about them. The future of CPK will be decided in a transparent manner. Minister Klimczak, as well as the government’s plenipotentiary for the CPK, will decide in an open, clear manner, without any strange situations that have arisen since the very beginning of this project, in the presence of all Polish women and men what the future belongs to CPK. Excellent and impartial experts will participate in this process, he said.

An opportunity for Poland

The group of experts advocating the construction of the Central Communications Gate is constantly growing. Cezary Kaźmierczak, President of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, presented his opinion on this.

The expert pointed out that Poland needs a large airport. We are the fifth largest economy in the European Union, and the port of Baranów is said to be the eleventh largest airport in the EU. 180 million people live within its area of ​​influence, making it very likely that it would be profitable.

Source: Do Rzeczy