Protest by carriers. The Confederacy asks Tusk a clear question

After Donald Tusk’s statement in the Sejm, MP Michał Wawer asked about the issue of Polish airlines’ protest against the privileges for competition from Ukraine.

After Donald Tusk’s statement in the Sejm, it was time for a series of questions from parliamentarians. Then, as he has announced, the new Prime Minister will respond to everyone. The following was spoken on behalf of the Confederation, which has long been trying to defend airlines against unfair competition: Member of Parliament Wawer.

Wawer asks Tusk

The parliamentarian recalled that Ukrainian transporters were admitted to the EU market without obligations binding on Poland. – They are not covered by the mobility package, Polish taxes are much higher than in Ukraine and the technical requirements imposed by the EU on Polish carriers. As he explained, this is why Polish transport companies are doomed to lose in this competitive battle due to the inaction of the Polish state.

– That is why they are now freezing at the Polish border and putting up with threats from Ukrainians, and now they also have to physically defend themselves against removal from this border – he added. – Mr Prime Minister, do you intend to meet the demands of the striking Polish airlines – asked Wawer.

Let us not forget that Polish carriers mainly want to restore the system of access permits for Ukrainian companies to transport goods. Obviously, the permits are not intended to cover humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army.

In the protest of the carriers expose

Earlier, the new Prime Minister referred to the protest by Polish airlines at the border with Ukraine during his program speech in the Sejm. Tusk addressed the benches of PiS MPs. – I look at you and cannot understand that you could completely withdraw from state action during the protest at the Polish-Ukrainian border. You have completely abandoned it. After all, this is the essence of the functioning of the state. Border control and safeguarding the interests of entrepreneurs. And you did not look after the interests of Polish drivers and gave up guarding the border. With Ukraine, during the war, he said.

– This is such a symbolic moment. So I want to tell you that the future ministers of this government, not as part of the ‘100 specifics’ or the coalition agreement of October 15, but out of common decency, have sat with me for hours and half a night looking for ways to resolve the problem at the Polish-Ukrainian border as quickly as possible. We looked and found ways to take into account the needs of Polish drivers as quickly as possible and at the same time immediately unblock the border of embattled Ukraine, which is waiting for transports. We have not waited for today’s vote, he announced.

Source: Do Rzeczy