Minhacienda confirms that petrol prices will not rise in December

“We are evaluating to what extent we need to close the gap. We said there were three fuel increases missing, one of them has already been done. And I think we only need one more, and that could be in January,” the foreign minister said. Finance at a press conference in Bogota.

The National Government November last year had approved the first $600 increase in retail prices of regular gasoline. This means that for the eleventh month of the year the national average consumer price will be $14,564 per gallon. In Barranquilla the price until this increase was $14,044 and went to $14,644.

According to the Ministry of Finance, these measures aim to reduce the significant budgetary impact on the government due to the dynamics of international prices of refined products, which compared to local prices still leave a gap in the gasoline sector and a significant gap in the Show ACPM.

Source: El heraldo