Rising salt water bills: Cities where people spend the most

The water flowing from the taps of our homes is becoming increasingly expensive; For a family of three, this figure is around 500 euros per year. However, the situation varies from city to city, with maximum peaks reaching even above 800 euros. Let’s see where the highest rates are recorded?

Home water is becoming increasingly salty: 466 Euros per family per year

Drinking water bills are also more expensive; The last two years (December 2021 to date) have seen an average increase of +9.5 percent, compared to +9.7 percent in the last four years. According to a study by Altroconsumo, an average family of three people consuming 182 cubic meters of water per year, or 166 liters per person per day, spends 466 euros on the water bill, although figures vary (even up to 100 percent). from city to city. Central Italy has the highest rates.

Water in Bolzano becomes 35 percent more expensive in two years

Drinking water is becoming more expensive almost everywhere; In some cities, this rate goes up to 35%. While the bill remained unchanged in Catanzaro in the last two years, an increase of only 1 percent was recorded in Bari. The highest increase in prices was recorded in Bolzano with 35.4 percent, while a 17 percent increase was recorded in Turin, Trento and L’Aquila. It is followed by Milan (16.4 percent), Genoa (14.4 percent) and Ancona (13.7 percent).

Despite the increases, Milan appears to have the lowest water tariffs in the sample, with water tariffs below one euro (89 cents to be exact) per cubic meter. In Rome, water costs twice as much, and in Siena it costs more than four times (4.45 euros). So how much does a family of 3 spend on water bills?

Tuscany proves to be the region where water is the most expensive

On average, Italians spend around 466 euros a year on water bills, although this figure varies from 163 euros a year in Milan to 800 euros in Siena. Of the sample surveyed by the association, 42 percent spend between 370 and 500 euros, and 25 percent spend between 500 and 700 euros. The record for the most expensive water bill in Italy belonged to Siena with 810 euros, followed by Grosseto with 806 euros. Expanding our look to the macro regions of the country, we can say that water is more expensive on average in the cities of Central Italy (Tuscany is the region with the most expensive water), while it is more expensive on average in the Northern and Southern cities. comparable.

However, due to the leakage problem in the aqueducts, the difference between the North and the South continues and losses in the water network remain at 42% of the water supplied to the network. But losses are greater in the South than in the North: between 45 and 54 percent, compared to 22 percent in the Aosta Valley, Italy’s most productive region.

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Source: Today IT