Christmas on credit. We know how many Poles will be in debt by Christmas

13.2% for organizing this year’s holidays. Poles want to take out a loan or take out a loan, according to a report by UCE Research and the Offerista Group.

Last year, slightly fewer people borrowed money before Christmas: 11.5%.

– In my opinion the result is just over 13%. is not very big, considering that we still have high inflation and high prices in the shops. Nevertheless, it can be alarming when it comes to the financial situation of Poles. However, if we look at the data from previous years, it should be emphasized that previously more compatriots borrowed money to organize holidays than now. Some research conducted last year found that this could have affected even more than 20%. society. This obviously does not mean that our compatriots are currently borrowing less because they are better off. They are still tightening their belts and do not want to generate further debt that they would already have to pay back. Therefore, they prefer to celebrate the holidays more modestly, so as not to accumulate even more debt, says Robert Biegaj, co-author of the report by UCE Research and the Offerista Group entitled “Christmas Spending of Poland. 2023 Edition”.

Holiday loans

In turn, 81.9 percent of respondents indicated that they did not want to borrow money before Christmas this year. 4.9 percent Respondents did not know what they would do at the time of the survey. According to the study’s authors, it is unlikely that more consumers will ultimately take out loans than they indicated.

“Commenting on the results of the survey, experts from UCE Research believe that borrowers will first go to relatives and friends, and only then possibly to specialized financial institutions. As a rule, these will be parabanks, because that is where the case can be settled . the fastest – often without much verification of income and documents. Only it costs more, because you have to pay more money to such an institution than to a bank, where the service costs are lower, but the formalities take a little longer and are more complicated “But banks can also be fast, because there are more of them than lenders. They usually also have a better reputation, which is of course important in this matter,” we read further.

Men say more often than women that they want to take out a loan or credit: 17.1%. versus 9.7 percent. Moreover, this mainly concerns people between the ages of 25 and 34, including 19.4 percent. Taking into account income, taking out a loan before Christmas is usually indicated by people with a monthly net income of more than PLN 9,000. PLN – 22.6%, also indicated.

The survey (as part of the project entitled “Christmas Issues of Poland. 2023 Edition”) was conducted in early December this year. using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method of UCE Research and the Offerista Group on a sample of 1,036 adult Poles.

Source: Do Rzeczy