Mentzen about the revelations of Tusk and Morawiecki and the future of Braun

Sławomir Mentzen, the leader of the Confederation, spoke on Thursday about the excesses of Prime Minister Tusk, former government leader Morawiecki and MP Braun.

In the last recording on his social media, one of the leaders of the Confederation, Sławomir Mentzen, referred to Mateusz Morawiecki’s exposition and that of Donald Tusk, as well as Grzegorz Braun’s joke, which extinguished Hanukkah in the Sejm.

Morawiecki’s left-wing government increased taxes

The New Hope leader said Mateusz Morawiecki’s revelation was probably the strangest in history. – When Morawiecki presented them, he knew very well that he would not become Prime Minister. (…) Exposure was tragic. The Prime Minister once again established development directions for the Poles. (…) He listed his successes, made many announcements, but the revelation was meaningless. Because it was the third revelation, we have been in power for eight years and we know very well what PiS does, Mentzen said.

– During these eight years, PiS has mainly fought against entrepreneurs. (…) We had business closures, constant changes in taxes, tax increases and more and more bureaucracy. They broke new records in terms of the number of pages of new legal acts. In 2023 alone, they created 37,000 pages of new legal acts, which equates to more than 100 pages per day. For eight years they produced more than 200,000 pages. It was a terribly bureaucratic, tax-raising left-wing government, the Confederation parliamentarian said, going on to give examples of the solutions previously introduced by the Razem party.

Tusk’s explanation with emotions, without details

Mentzen also assessed Donald Tusk’s revelation, who received a vote of confidence, negatively. – Unfortunately, the time in which neither PiS nor Platform were in power was very short. It turned out that the Sejm decided to fight the plague with cholera, the MP said.

Mentzen pointed out that Tusk’s explanation was completely different from Morawiecki’s. – Morawiecki’s case contained almost nothing but details. Weird, but specific. However, Tusk had no specific details. He gave a two-hour speech full of emotions, he tried to play on emotions, Mentzen said, giving the example of reading a suicide note. – He didn’t really say much about anything specific. Someone counted only a dozen. By comparison, in 2007 he made almost 200 promises. When it turned out that he had not achieved the vast majority, Mentzen recalled, adding that Tusk probably did not want to promise much this time for this reason.

– He no longer talks about the Belka tax, even though it should have been abolished. He is no longer talking about a high tax-free amount, the Confederation MP continued.

What about Braun? Mentzen: The Confederation decides, not Hołownia or the left

Mentzen also commented on Grzegorz Braun’s incident involving a fire extinguisher and a Hanukkah menorah. The Confederation has decided that Braun will be punished, but the club will not bow to political correctness or to the instructions of the other forces in the Sejm about who can and who cannot be members of the Confederation Club. The Confederation, and not the Left or Marshal Szymon Hołownia, will decide Braun’s further presence or absence. – We will not succumb to this kind of blackmail – reminded the politician.

Mentzen emphasized that what Braun did should not have happened. He added that there should be no Hanukkah in the Polish Sejm. – If it had been up to me, it wouldn’t have happened. (…) In the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, no Christmas waffles are shared, no Christmas carols are sung, and no one has any complaints about that. And nothing bad would happen if Hanukkah in Poland was not in the Sejm. But it was, Marshal Hołownia decided, and we had to accept it. You can hold a press conference and write an outraged letter, but you can’t come in with a fire extinguisher, Mentzen said.

As he added, if someone doesn’t like Hanukkah in the Sejm, he or she should take action to prevent it, and the effect of Grzegorz Braun’s action will likely be the opposite. – I doubt if any marshal would dare to celebrate this Hanukkah in the near future – he said.

Source: Do Rzeczy