Is Colombia alert because of the decline of the economy?

Economist Clara Inés Pardo, professor at the School of Administration of the Universidad del Rosario, analyzed that this result invites the national government to take measures. “If economic activities in the country generally decline. That is not healthy for the economy, because the various productive sectors must grow and not shrink, because the health of the economy depends on it. It is important to investigate what is causing this decline and take shock actions that enable growth, which is a good sign.”

For October 2023, the ISE in its series, adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, was at 119.84, which represented a decrease of 0.37% compared to the month of October 2022, when it was assigned 120.29.

Comparing the month of October 2023 in its series adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects and in which it was at 119.84, and compared to September 2023, when it was at 121.02, this result represented a decrease of 0.97 %.

Clara Inés Pardo indicated that there is an alarm going on, and even more so with the expectations that exist regarding the reforms, especially the labor reforms in Congress, which prevent investors and businessmen from deciding what decisions they will make in the future will take.

“This is a warning. The important thing here is that we take measures that do not lead us to that situation. This requires swift actions to reduce uncertainty and guarantees for the productive sector to maintain the growth path. The question is how to correct this and the sectors are waiting for the reforms. There is no evidence of investment certainty and what is being proposed does not reassure the markets.”

Source: El heraldo