Case Money machine Chiara Ferragni: 10 million profit in a year Dossier MilanoToday’s investigation into the turnover of the famous influencer, now she has been fined by the Antitrust. Here’s what he discovered across companies, properties and stores with his brand

Definitely a public apology from Instagram and also a maximum donation of one million euros to make the words count. With this strategy, Chiara Ferragni (in the photo with Fedez above) is trying to put an end to the Balocco hurricane that has hit her in the last few days; This is a media event that has also disturbed the opinion of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The queen of influencers found herself facing a major problem that was more of a reputation issue than an economic one. The massive Antitrust fine is costing him dearly, damaging his image and followers. In fact, if the one million euro fine for Chiara Ferragni is not a big problem, the loss of followers could be a harbinger of disaster. So what has the influencer’s journey been like to this point?

Ferragni coin machine

We should call her Cornucopia (Ferragni) instead of Chiara Ferragni. All things considered, that doesn’t sound bad either. Because the blonde entrepreneur has turned into a money machine over the years. Or rather, from profits. Just like those who left their companies in 2022, as can be seen from the recently announced financial statements. To be picky, they are slightly inferior to those produced in 2021, but overall the differences are minimal.

Most interestingly, last year the thirty-six-year-old from Cremona began to reorganize his activities, which would serve to bring another milestone to the entrepreneurial orbit that arose from his activities as an influencer and has 29.5 million followers on Instagram. .

The well-known social platform to which Ferragni owes much of his success and personal fortune will continue to be the window into his world in the future, at least until he decides to be a little less image woman and a little more image owner. more of a manager. Much will depend on how long the consensus you gather on social media lasts and whether you can make money with tens of thousands of euros each.

If you want to find a flaw in its image, you should look for the Pandoro Balocco operation, where an Antitrust investigation was launched on suspicion that the promise that part of the proceeds would be donated to a project in the field of oncology was deceptive. In this sense, according to Antitrust, money was already determined, regardless of actual sales. For this reason, the Milan financial police also visited the headquarters of their companies…

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