4 Wedding season starts again: how much does a wedding cost (and you give that as a guest)

Weddings have a price. The catering and location will probably take up most of your budget, but hiring a professional photographer is also very expensive. Is it possible to spend less or can we just get over it?

The wedding season has started again and that means a lot of money has been spent. According to a 2019 survey of more than 4,000 Dutch couples by ThePerfectWedding.nl, married couples spend an average of €14,858 on their wedding day. About 30% of the respondents spend between 10,000 and 15,000 euros, with 3% of the respondents saying they spend more than 30,000 euros.

Marit Smit of the Girls of Honor wedding blog says that if you have special wishes, you have to pay something for them. “You can marry any budget, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll have to make compromises. Remember: if you want to dine with all your guests, take them all out for dinner.’

If you want to spend less money on your wedding, you can plan the day differently. Smit: “For example, skip dinner. Have a ceremony at sunrise and then have brunch together.”

Worry less about the wedding itself with a bigger budget

Because it really is: According to a budget survey by ThePerfectWedding.nl, the largest part (44%) of a wedding budget is spent on food and location. More than 20% of the total is spent on clothing and appearance. The rest is for other expenses like renting a wedding car or hiring a professional photographer.

It’s worth it, says Sarah Glasbergen, wedding expert and owner of ThePerfectWedding.nl. Many couples see all kinds of savings and then see the results of their numbers the same day. “For example, they buy wedding dresses from China because it is cheaper. But then you’re standing on the altar and your zipper suddenly pops open. You don’t want to take that risk, do you? That really comes at the expense of enjoying a day like this.”

How much would you pay for a wedding?

  • Most couples prefer to receive an envelope with cash. The golden rule of quantity: you give what it will cost you at the wedding. Family members usually end up with an amount between 50 and 150 euros. Other family members and friends can donate between 30 and 60 euros. Would you rather spend that money on a gift? There are couples who work with an online list of gifts to choose from.

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time at weddings, it costs money

Smit says that although professionals seem indispensable for a carefree wedding, not all Dutch people are willing to pay a fair price for it. “People think a wedding is too expensive. However, the average hourly wage of a self-employed person in the Netherlands is around 50 euros. These high costs are not surprising when you know how many hours a professional spends on your wedding. †

“Many people think asking for money is crazy. However, it can help you immensely, for example when paying for your honeymoon.

Sarah Glasbergen, marriage specialist

According to Smit, couples are often surprised by the price of their bridal bouquet. “They wonder why they have to pay at least 120 euros for a bridal bouquet. But if you have special wishes such as flowers and colours, there is extra time for the florist on the bouquet. If you don’t have a request, you can of course pick up a bouquet the same day from your local florist, but then you have little influence on the appearance.

Worried about bearing all the costs? Then ask your guests for money as a wedding gift. Glasbergen: “Many people think it’s crazy to ask for money. But paying for your honeymoon, for example, can help you a lot. Your trip to South Africa? For example, ask for a contribution for a specific trip. That helps, because then people have an idea where their money is going.”

Source: NU