Changes in bank transfers (SPEI) come into force

Improvement rules came into force on Tuesday safety Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI), managed by the Bank of Mexico.

Circulars published since November have introduced new definitions for the operation of the system to allow transfers between banks.

Among the new definitions is “Cyber ​​Resilience”, which corresponds to the ability to prevent, adapt, respond or recover from SPEI in the event of a cyber attack or incident.

Includes technical definitions of computing, technology, and telecommunications infrastructure.

The rules require banks to develop and implement contingency procedures and report on computer security activities.

The rules state that secure communication protocols and procedures must be in place to detect computer viruses and malicious code.

The safety regulations were published on November 22 and came into force on Tuesday, December 19.

What is SPEI?

It is a system developed and managed by the Bank of Mexico that allows the general public to make electronic payments, also called wire transfers, in a matter of seconds.

This works through online banking or mobile banking.

This system allows you to transfer money electronically between bank deposit accounts almost instantly.

Source: Aristegui Noticias