End of protected market: Date for electricity postponed to July 1

The end of the protected energy market has been postponed. Arera actually decided to move the end date of the broader protection regime for electricity users from 1 April to 1 July, while for gas everything remained the same. This was announced by Arera president Stefano Besseghini at Tg3 Fuori Tg, explaining that the decision was taken during a meeting on Tuesday, December 19. “On the issue of electricity, said the President of the Authority, as you know, there was a recent energy decree that brought some important changes. Among these, the tenders were postponed from December 11 to January 10.”

Besseghini stated that “With a decision we took yesterday, the end date of the protected energy market was shifted from April 1 to July 1,” adding that the decision “will be announced in a very short time.” However, nothing changes for gas: In this case, the end of the protected market It is set for January 10, 2024.

Currently, only customers who are considered vulnerable are exempt from the transition to the free market, where contract conditions are determined by operators without reference to Arera: that is, anyone over 75 years of age, in a state of disaster or objective economic hardship (already receiving electricity and gas social bonuses) or disabled. The doors of the free market will be opened for everyone.

Arera has established a “cascaded protection service” for domestic customers who will not switch to a free market supplier: customers will not experience an interruption in service, but will be served by selected vendors on Turkish territory for a certain period of time. membership through certain competitive procedures. However, the Authority states that the customer can choose a different offer at any time in the free market.

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Source: Today IT