The country’s imports fell by 12.3% in October, the Dane said

In turn, October 2023 will see the importation of produces participated with 71.9% of the total value of the importsfollowed by fuels and products from the industries extractives by 14.2%, agricultural, food And drinks by 13.7%, and other sectors by 0.2%.

In the tenth month of the year the imports by Colombia derived from USA participated with 25.9% of the total imports; External purchases followed suit China, France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany And The Netherlands.

María Claudia Lacouture, president of AmCham Colombia, said that the lower dynamism of the country’s economy continues to be confirmed.

“Demand supplies comes in reject and in light of this, it is important to reiterate the message of the need for a shock plan that reactivates the crisis consumption in households and private sector investments that maintain employment and prevent the economy from emerging recession. The decline in imports, although the shortage of the trade balancemeans less inputs for transformation into products in the country and has been since then USA70% of what we buy is for national industry”, Lacouture specified.

In this sense, he added that if the delay can cause a greater increase in the cost of final products due to a lack of demand due to uncertainty and high inflation.

Source: El heraldo