A new attempt to reach an agreement on an increase in the minimum wage will take place this Thursday

The increase proposal requested by the unions would be a change from $1,160,000, the current figure, to $1,368,800, taking into account transportation assistance.

Before the first deadline for the agreement passed, Jaime Alberto Cabal, president of the National Federation of Merchants (Fenalco) said that the figure proposed by the unions was not only disproportionate, but also gave the impression that it was an estimate without clear substantiation.

“The trade union federations presented an exorbitant proposal of 18% without any technical or methodological support. More based on facts past that they say they are right, but this year the stick is not up to the task. For this reason we have issued a call for caution agree a better figure,” said the president of the National Federation of Businessmen (Fenalco), Jaime Alberto Cabal.

In view of his statement in Noticias Caracol, President Gustavo Petro called on the Cabal to reconsider its public actions. According to the head of state, buyers with a good salary are needed so that the products can be sold. Products.

“By attempting to enslave the country’s labor force, Fenalco would be building its own ruin associates‘, the president wrote in his X-bill. In addition, he noted that what a merchant is most interested in is that “people have the ability to pay” and that this can only be achieved with good salaries.

Source: El heraldo