The political climate influenced the dollar to remain at $4,000

And after the us currency will respond November from 2022 Representative market interest rate (TRM) highest in history, namely $5,061.21, the behavior this year, according to analysts, was in line with what was experienced internally and externally, since last year the currency was very overrated.

He dollars touched his beak highest in the year, at $4,989.58 on 6 January. From then on, such behavior was at the mercy of lowsince different internal factorssuch as the decisions of the national government in the mining energy sector and the infamous defeat of related political parties Gustavo Petro in the elections regionaland the decline interest of the Bank of the Republic from 13.25% to 13%, affecting a decline that is currently at the $3,915 mark.

An external factor that had a transcendental influence on the behavior of the dollars It was the crisis presented by the Swiss bank Credit Suissecoupled with the drastic measures taken by entities such as the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) about raising and maintaining interest rates for the purpose of discouragement consumption.

Source: El heraldo