This is the Prime Minister’s Office’s response to the President’s veto

The president’s decision is absurd and damaging, said the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Jan Grabiec, when asked about a veto on the budget bill.

“I have decided to veto the 2024 budget law, which includes PLN 3 billion for public media,” President Andrzej Duda said on Saturday.

The head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Jan Grabiec, was asked to comment on the president’s decision on TVN24.

Grabiec: The president’s absurd decision

According to him, the decision is absurd and harmful. – Absurd because the president is referring to the funds intended for public television, funds that have been transferred annually for the past six years by PiS, which governs the country. It involved billions of zlotys. From PLN 2 to 3 billion per year – said the politician.

Grabiec argued that “despite the fact that public television subsequently ceased to function as public television and became purely party television, the president saw nothing wrong with it and signed this kind of act. It can be said that he supported the transfer of this money. ”

– When changes take place and journalists return to TVP, the president wants to stop funding. This is an absurd way to act, because Donald Tusk has already announced that television will not be financed in this way, and that there will be no transfer of bonds from the state budget to finance public media as part of the reserve set up by PiS created. Grabiec said.

He claimed that these funds would be used for medical purposes and the treatment of children. – Therefore, it can be said that the president hit the fence. There is no issue that the president talks about in his justification. (…) The president doesn’t have much to say. The president says he will introduce a budget bill, and this is completely outside the president’s authority, he added.

President Duda vetoed the budget bill

“There can be no permission for this given the blatant violation of the constitution and the principles of a democratic constitutional state. The public media must first be repaired reliably and in accordance with the law,” Andrzej Duda announced on social media, announcing his decision.

The president also announced that he will submit his own project to the Sejm just after Christmas, including on increases for teachers and other expenses planned in the budget law. “In connection with the above, I call on the President of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, and the President of the Senate, Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, to urgently convene a meeting of both Houses to consider and approve the project this year approve.” he said.

The president also pointed out that an attempt to finance public media through a budget law (by the parliamentary majority) is “unacceptable” in the current situation. “My bill will preserve all other budget expenditures – including salary increases for teachers,” he noted.

Source: Do Rzeczy