Superbonus 2024: What will happen in the first months of the year

A deadline looms in Italians’ minds: the Superbonus, which will start on January 1, 2024. There are approximately 30 thousand construction sites that are still open and there is a risk of the premium increasing from 110 percent to 70 percent because it cannot be completed. Condominium owners, and therefore families, will have to pay the difference out of their own pockets, and this is not good news. In the suburbs where middle- to middle-income families live. low,” explains ANCE, the National Association of Home Builders.

But the last Council of Ministers of the year, scheduled for December 28, may issue an interim decision to prevent the worst. A measure that has repeatedly conflicted with the majority and even delayed the process of the 2024 budget law… What will happen to the Superbonus in the first three months of the new year?

Superbonus: News from the Council of Ministers is expected on December 28

All eyes are on the last Cabinet meeting of the year, which meets on 28 December to find out whether the long-awaited Superbonus lifesaver will arrive. This situation puts approximately 300 thousand families in a difficult situation, as they face the risk of conflict with the tax office because they cannot complete the renovation work for which they demand a 110 percent bonus on time. According to the new general structure of the measure, it will actually decrease to 70 percent as of January 1, and to 65 percent in 2025.

Pressure from Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia on the need for a mini-extension seems to have borne good fruit, with the hard-line position of Northern League Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti softening, who just a few weeks ago described the Superbonus as “like radioactive”. Chernobyl”.

The government appears ready to issue an interim decree to encourage the closure of some of the construction sites that remain inaccessible at zero cost, but without having to allocate as much funding given that the maximum construction bonus currently demands over 100 billion euros. . Let’s look at all the hypotheses in the field together.

Super bonus: overtime or just outstanding Sal?

Producers and Deputy Prime Minister Tajani continue to ask for a mini three-month postponement of the Superbonus; this hypothesis would cost 4 billion euros compared to the 70 percent currently covered, or 500 million more per year by 2027. The offer will concern apartment buildings that have completed 70 percent of their work by December 31, 2023: they will still be given the opportunity to benefit from 110 percent (or 90 percent, depending on the decision at the beginning of construction).

However, Minister Giorgetti seems willing to grant only “extraordinary salary”, which is the progress of works as of December 31, in order to give companies the opportunity to document the work actually performed at the end of 2023 and thus allow them to purchase condominiums. reduce costs. Two weeks until January 18, 2024 for invoices to be sent.

It is a measure that everyone agrees on, but whose costs are not well known, because many flat owners may inflate the costs, thinking that the aid is about to expire. While Forza Italia claims that the outstanding Sal has zero cost to the State, a solution is being sought to reunify the already divided majority on the ESM issue.

Trade associations, meanwhile, are calling on the government to consider the “very serious impacts on businesses and families” of a failed extension. While some businesses may go bankrupt and send their employees home, some families will have to mortgage their homes to resolve disputes with the tax office.

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Source: Today IT