Richest Renzi, poorest Conte: parliamentarians’ tax returns

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time for everyone, even politicians, to file their tax returns. Examining the documents submitted by the parliamentarians, it is possible to summarize the usual sequence, this time with two former Prime Ministers at the extremes: Matteo Renzi and Giuseppe Conte. While it ranks first among the “Scrooges” with an income of 3 million 217 thousand euros, it ranks second with a total gross income of 24 thousand 359 euros as of the 12 months of 2022.

The richest MPs

Let’s start over. Italia Viva’s former PD leader, Matteo Renzi, took the top spot on the podium with income in excess of €3 million, making good use of his worldwide consultancy activities; This is an increase of €600 thousand compared to the previous year. 2021 declaration: a huge sum that may exceed even the lifetime earnings of senator and leading star Renzo Piano, who declared 6.3 million euros in 2021, an income that drops to “only” 2.9 million euros in 2022. In third place among the richest is former minister Giulio Tremonti, from the ranks of Fratelli d’Italia, who declared 2.6 million euros for 2022; This is a significant increase compared to the previous year, when revenue was announced as 1.6 million euros. . Even though there are various documents that we have not yet received and that could change the composition of the podium, this trio is the richest trio. From Antonio Tajani to Antonio Angelucci to Giulia Bongiorno, there are many Chamber and Senate representatives who have not yet filed their tax returns.

In the top 10, the name of Claudio Lotito, the representative of Forza Italia and the president of Lazio, stands out, declaring 1 million 112 thousand euros. In line with last year’s statement by Defense Minister Guido Crosetto: 900 thousand euros compared to 935 thousand euros the previous year. Similar situation for Daniela Santanché: the salary of the Minister of Tourism decreased from 300,763 euros in 2022 to the current 298,638 euros. Income of 289,020 euros and merit to Giuseppe Valditara instead of Minister of Education. What about Prime Minister Meloni? This year’s declaration reached 293,531, following the figure of 160,706 in the previous declaration. Then we see that the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, has 227,345 euros, and the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, has 174,630 euros. When we go down to around 100 (thousand euros), we see that the earnings of Nicola Fratojanni, the leader of the Italian Left, is 104,212 euros. Just under 100, League leader Matteo Salvini with 99 thousand 699 euros, followed by Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein with 94 thousand 725 euros and Noi Moderati leader Maurizio Lupi with 86 thousand 913 euros.

Giuseppe Conte “the poorest”

In last place, with an income of less than 25 thousand euros, we finally find Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the 5 Star Movement. According to documents submitted on Christmas Eve, the former Prime Minister announced that the total gross income in the twelve months of 2022 was 24,359 euros, which equals a monthly net income of approximately 1,400 euros. It is a negligible amount compared to the salary of his colleagues, even lower than the salary of a regular public employee. Moreover, between deductions and deductions, Conte paid only 1,776 euros in tax in 2022, or 7.2%. Ridiculous amounts that, at first glance, can make one turn up their noses when compared to the earnings of parliamentarians. There is no mystery in reality. The tax returns are for the previous year, namely 2022, when Giuseppe Conte had only a paid position as of October 13. For this reason, the leader of the 5 Star Movement received his monthly parliamentary allowance of 10 thousand 435 euros only in the last period of the year. The Apulian lawyer maintained his position in the 5 Star Movement for the first ten months of 2022, but did not receive a salary or integrate his income into other paid activities. So yes, it is correct to say “poorest” but only if we talk about 2022 earnings. In previous years, Conte’s tax returns were always more eye-catching, especially when he collected the allowance as Prime Minister.

Source: Today IT