Compulsory insurance also for stationary vehicles

An uninsured vehicle will no longer stop. The requirement came into force on December 23: All motor vehicles must be insured, including those that are not street driven or parked in private areas. Therefore, stop cars or motorcycles that are not covered because they are parked in the garage or yard. The innovation was introduced by decree law. Law No. 184 of 22.11.2023, which transposes a European directive (2021/2118) and eliminates the possibility of “savings” on car insurance for unused vehicles kept in areas inaccessible to the public.

Insurance for stationary vehicles

The law actually requires the insurance of all vehicles registered in our country that can reach a speed of more than 25 km/h or weigh more than 25 kg and have a speed of more than 14 km/h. In detail, the legislation also concerns light electric vehicles and trailers, covering so-called static risks, i.e. accidents that occur when the trailer is separated from the towing vehicle.

Who can avoid liability?

However, there are also situations where insurance liability can be avoided. Exemptions relate to vehicles officially withdrawn from circulation, such as those exported abroad, confiscated or placed under administrative detention. Vehicles that cannot be used for transportation purposes and cannot move because they lack a basic part such as an engine or wheels that are used only as a decorative element or for display purposes are also excluded from the payment scope. However, there is a possibility that the insurance may be suspended for a maximum of 10 months a year, and this period is 11 months for historical vehicles registered in the relevant records.

Expected sanctions

What is the risk of those who do not insure a vehicle stopped and parked in a private area? It is currently unclear how authorities will be able to detect uninsured vehicles, especially those locked in garages or garages, but those who break the rules will have to pay fines of between 866 euros and 3,464 euros. In addition to the confiscation of the vehicle and revocation of the license, the penalty also includes five points deducted from the driver’s license. If the insurance premium is paid regularly or the vehicle owner attempts to have the vehicle demolished and notify the competent authorities within 30 days from the detection of the violation, the penalty is reduced by half.

Source: Today IT