Petro says the reform aims to reduce income taxes for companies

A strong controversy in the country has led to the request of President GUstavo Petro to businessmen to implement the reforms tax reform.

“The reform has been radically transformed by judicial decisions, etc., it is not the same as what we presented, but to increase the productive activity of the country, research is needed,” he said.

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A few hours later, the president came out to explain what his proposal was about. In the morning hours of this Saturday, December 30, he indicated that his proposal “is to reduce income taxes for companies and income tax bee natural people of higher incomes, that is to say to their owners”.

The president explained in four points what he is looking for with this reform tax reform. One of these is ‘having tax structures comparable to those of most countries in the world’.

Also “allows companies to grow and be profitable.” In the third point, he explains that he is “not trying to take away state funding because no more and no less money would be raised.”

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And finally, “make the tax system more progressive, that is, fairer.”

He also assured that he proposed “to abolish VAT on tourist activities and generate exemptions for clean energy.”

On Friday evening, the president said at the press conference: ‘I would like to propose that with the business community employees and if they agree, then let’s strengthen the company and that means without defining the state, without thinking about higher taxes, about reducing corporate income; that is, the ones that companies pay and raise income of natural persons in its highest degrees.”

Source: El heraldo