The Mexican peso rises to its best year since 1989

He Mexican Peso was assessed on Friday and is on track to record its best annual performance since the data became available in Akon of LSEG in 1989.on the final day of negotiations in a year marked by the central bank’s high interest rate hikes.

Due to low liquidity due to the holiday period, the currency was trading at 16.9120 per dollar, 0.10% above the dollar’s benchmark price. Reuters since Thursday.

This is stated in an analytical note from Banco Base.

In the last session of the year, there was a lull in the foreign exchange market, which is due to the lack of up-to-date economic information and a decrease in the volume of transactions in the financial market.

Thus, the peso gained 13.2% over the year, becoming one of the world’s best performing currencies against the dollar, although analysts believe that in 2024 It could fail and move closer to 18.53 units, given expectations that the Bank of Mexico will begin to ease its monetary policy.

(according to information from Reuters)

Source: Aristegui Noticias