The movement ‘We will not give up the city’ is preparing a counteraction against SCT

Representatives of the ‘We Will Not Give Up the City’ movement announce a billboard campaign. This is about the issue of clean transport zones.

“Politicians preying on citizens’ ignorance and ignorance of the restrictions imposed on them – we must stop this!” – argue the event organizers.

“We will not give up the city” prepares an action regarding SCT

As we read, the “We will not give up the city” initiative aims to show residents “the truth about politicians” who are trying to impose car traffic restrictions in Krakow and Warsaw. The start of the campaign for which activists are raising money has been announced for February.

“If this plan, with your invaluable help, is successful, Messrs. Trzaskowski and Majchrowski will soon read the truth about the actions of their officials and council members DIRECTLY FROM THE BILLBOARDS. We cannot give up the fight against harmful ‘zones’, and the first and most urgent step towards this is actions in Warsaw and Krakow. A sincere THANK YOU for every zloty,” say representatives of “We will not give up the city” on their Facebook profile.

A collection for a billboard campaign

As representatives of the movement write thanks to the campaigns: “Residents will learn about clean transportation zones and the real threats they pose. We will start with Krakow and Warsaw, but we want to be present in every city where changes are planned that will affect residents, especially the poorest.”

Campaign organizers are in the process of raising money to finance the project. “We are collecting funds on our website for the first phase of activities, associated with the preparation of billboards for Warsaw and Krakow. These are currently places where councilors, despite public opposition, have adopted the provisions on SCT. That is why we have decided that our billboards in these cities must be published as soon as possible,” they explain, referring to the collection, which can be supported on the website

Source: Do Rzeczy