The government program has run out of money. Applications are no longer accepted

From Tuesday, banks will no longer accept applications for a ‘Secure 2% loan’. – informs Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The announcement about the suspension of banks’ acceptance of applications as of January 2 with the forecast of subsidies for 2024 has been published by BGK in the public information bulletin.

“The total amount of the expected annual amounts of subsidies in installments to be paid in the current year (2024) and entered into the subsidy registration system has reached 90% of the amount corresponding to the resources provided for in the Budget Act for this year provides. be transferred to the National Housing Fund for the payment of subsidies in installments.” – we read.

13 banks have agreements with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to participate in this program. Applications submitted before January 2 will be processed.

Secure loan 2 percent Funds exhausted

‘Secure Loan 2 percent’ introduced by the PiS government in mid-2023 was hailed as the most attractive housing program that has ever existed – notes “Rzeczpospolita”. Almost every adult Pole (up to 45 years old) who wanted to buy his first apartment could get a very cheap loan, thanks to subsidies from the state budget for 10 years.

The newspaper emphasizes that the number of applications for such a loan from July 1 to December 23, 2023 amounted to 94.1 thousand, and the banks granted it to as many as 55.8 thousand. “This is approximately every second mortgage that banks grant during this period,” reports “Rz”.

The new management of the Ministry of Development and Technology announced at the end of this year that the PiS program “will be replaced by another offer that is beneficial to borrowers.”

Source: Do Rzeczy