The US created 216,000 jobs in December and the rate remains at 3.7%

The creation net new positions function rose again in the last month of the year and 216,000 jobs were created, 43,000 more than a month earlier, following the figure for November was revised and adjusted to 173,000.

He American labor market therefore remains solid, despite the eleven increases in interest rates who performed Federal Reserve (Fed) over the past two years with the aim of lowering the inflation.

In 2023, the BLS2.7 million jobs have been created, with an average monthly increase of 225,000. In contrast, the figure is much lower than the 4.8 million created in 2022, with an average monthly increase of 399,000.

The year 2023 ended with 6.3 million people unemployeda figure slightly higher than 5.7 million unemployed that was at the end of 2022, when the figure of unemployment amounted to 3.5%.

Source: El heraldo