All bonuses to look out for in 2024: who deserves them

The appearance of bonuses changes in the new year. For 2024, which has just started, some bonuses active in 2024 have been extended with changes, some have been canceled and brand new bonuses have been added.

Bonuses for 2024

Some are bidding farewell, such as ending the controversial anti-inflation basket that lasted only three months, or a 50-euro glasses bonus for those with an ISEE below 10 thousand euros. There is no extension even for the TV decoder bonus, but for the VAT bonus for “green” houses (50% personal income tax deduction on VAT on the purchase of class A and B houses).

There are many important “farewells”: In fact, there are no longer any discounts for young people under 36 who buy a house: from January 1 they will return to paying cadastral, mortgage and registration tax on purchases and sales and replacement tax on mortgages. However, citizens with ISEE under the age of 36 who need financing to buy their first home are given a public guarantee of up to 80 percent in the amount of 40 thousand euros. The amount of the applied fund is 282 million Euros.

There has been no renewal of App18, the 500 euro bonus to be spent on books, music, culture (the formula will change, it will be awarded based on income and merit). The new culture card and the merit card are both worth 500 euros cumulatively. The first is linked to income (ISEE maximum 35 thousand euros), and the second is linked to getting a maximum of 100 marks in the high school graduation exam. A fund of 190 million euros has been allocated (not enough for everyone).

Help for families

A number of incentives have been expanded, revised or introduced from scratch, worth a total of 2.13 billion (excluding construction bonuses), according to Assoutenti. Many measures such as bonuses for working mothers were expected. However, on balance, this will apply to a “small number” of women: limited to women with more than two children and those working on permanent contracts or even part-time (but excluding domestic workers).

For around 800 thousand working mothers with three or more children, the paycheck will be up to 250 euros a month heavier: for permanent contract holders, there is a 100 percent exemption from the worker’s share of social security contributions. For the three-year period from 2024-26 until the youngest child’s 18th birthday, the annual maximum limit is 3 thousand euros, adjusted monthly. This year, working mothers with two children are provided the same assistance until the month in which their youngest child turns ten.

On the kindergarten front, for families with at least one child under 10 years of age with an ISEE of up to €40,000, the bonus for paying fees for public and private kindergartens increases to €2,100 per year.

Then pay attention to the ‘Special for You’ shopping card: It is a contribution to be used for food and basic needs purchases for citizens whose ISEE is below 15 thousand Euros. A fund of 600 million euros has been allocated.

Regarding the transport bonus: It is a contribution of 60 Euros for the purchase of season tickets for public transport and rail transport, reserved for ISEE holders of up to 15 thousand Euros and ‘Special for You’ social card holders. allocation includes funds allocated to this bonus.

An extraordinary contribution is also expected to pay electricity bills: This bonus, which is valid for the first three months of the year, is given only to Social Electricity Bonus holders due to economic difficulties, and the amount varies depending on the number of family members. unit.

In 2024, psychologist premium allocation will double to 10 million. The ceiling of the contribution will be 1,500 euros for incomes below 15 thousand euros, 1,000 euros for incomes up to 30 thousand euros and 500 euros for incomes up to 50 thousand euros. This amount covers 50 Euros for each psychotherapy session.

There’s also a bonus for those with a dog or cat: Who will get it?

Building bonuses change their appearance

The deductions provided by house bonuses are very different compared to the golden days of the 110 percent Super Bonus. After months of debate, the Super Bonus, even 90%, goes to the attic and is replaced by the construction Super Bonus of 70% only for condominium housing (65% in 2025).

Ecobonus provides a 70% deduction for thermal insulation of opaque common parts (walls, roofs, etc.) with a maximum amount of 40 thousand euros for condominiums. In addition, the 50 percent discount on expenses up to 60 thousand euros for replacement of windows and frames, solar shading and biomass boilers continues throughout 2024.

Sismabonus is based on a 50% deduction (maximum spend is 96 thousand euros). If the works provide a 1 or 2 class reduction in seismic risk, the cutoff increases to 70% or 80%.

As a result, these days you do a lot of research on the Internet to find useful information about the furniture bonus: This is a 50% deduction on expenses up to 5 thousand euros on the purchase of furniture and some household appliances.

Source: Today IT