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Wojciech Cejrowski’s correspondence with the US

During communism there was a saying: “The worse, the better.” We were happy when something went wrong. We weren’t freaks, we were patriots. Poland was ours, but at the same time it was occupied, so the worse it got, the better, because it meant something was wrong with the occupying forces. That country was not ours. The territory was ours, the tradition and history were ours, as was the language, but the state authorities and rules were alien to us – imposed and directed against the citizens.

When something went wrong, it was always them, not us. IM, that is, power. At the same time, it was even worse for us, but… we still hoped that we would somehow wait it out and experience freedom when everything went wrong, fell apart, collapsed before the occupying forces – we waited for the system would disappear. to collapse. SYSTEM – keyword.

Source: Do Rzeczy