Morawiecki attacks the government: they probably forgot who wrote the script for the film

Mateusz Morawiecki strongly disliked the graphics of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. That is why the former prime minister expressed his dissatisfaction.

In a Facebook post marked with the hashtag #KOpiują, he accused the new government team of presenting the results of his government’s decisions as their own. The graph published by the Prime Minister’s Office concerns the minimum hourly rate for 2024.

Morawiecki: Hypocrisy for an Oscar

However, Morawiecki assures that he is not offended by the new prime minister and his government. “If they were giving out awards for hypocrisy, the Coalition of Eight Stars would have already won several Oscars. And apparently this is just the beginning of their career. Unfortunately no film, because you could just leave the screening…” – read we on his profile.

“The powers that be seem to have forgotten what plagiarism is and who wrote the script for the film they are now trying to show to the Poles. And they are just extras,” he continues.

“But we are not offended. Do you know why? Because IMITATION IS THE SINCERE FORM OF FLATTING,” he emphasizes.

Minimum wage. Morawiecki: PiS voted against the opposition of the current government

“It was the Law and Justice government that prepared, voted on and introduced the Minimum Wage and Hourly Rate Act in September 2023. With the loud opposition of the current government and their media. Today the same people who accepted Poland eight years ago are “Starvation wages and wages of 5 PLN per hour show their hypocrisy,” writes the former head of government.

“If our solutions work and prove to be effective, they present them as their own. Examples? This was the case with energy subsidies for Polish families. This was the case with the 800plus program. This is the case with inflation. According to Het it was meant to grow – and we are now seeing its next strong legacy. That’s what’s happening to the safe credit they left behind, but ruined. And that’s exactly what’s happening now with the minimum wage!” – writes Morawiecki.

“Dear rulers, the fact that you claim someone else’s successes only proves that you have no ideas for Poland of your own,” he says.

Source: Do Rzeczy