Salary with parental leave: What will change for parents in 2024?

Parental leave will change in 2024. The latest budget law introduced a new rule on social safety nets, with an INPS circular explaining how new parents can receive 80% compensation for the first two months. This is a period of voluntary absence from work granted to parents (both male and female employees) to care for the child and meet his or her emotional and relational needs during the first years of life. Therefore, the change in question envisages an increase in the allowance for the second month of parental leave, from 30% to 60% of the salary. However, only for 2024 the allowance will be increased to 80% of the salary. However, this does not apply to everyone.

How will parental leave change for parents in 2024?

“According to what was announced in the INPS, the new support measure added to the provision that provides for an allowance of 80 percent of the salary for one month in the sixth year of the child, also applies to employees leaving the maternity period. Leave or alternatively paternity leave after December 31, 2023.” Parental leave is provided to parents who are in a permanent employment relationship during the first 12 years of the child’s life, with a total period of not more than ten months between the two parents; If the working father abstains, this period can be increased to eleven. work continuously or on an intermittent basis for a period of at least three months. Parental leave periods can be taken by both parents simultaneously.

The standard allowance is equal to 30% of the average daily wage calculated on the basis of the child’s salary for the month before the start of the leave period at the age of 12 (or from entry into the family). adoption or custody) and the total duration (mother and/or father) for a maximum of nine months. According to the new regulation, the allowance for the first month will increase to 80 percent in 2024, while the second month allowance will remain at 80 percent only for families who have completed their compulsory leave this year.

So pay attention to the dates. For workers who terminate leave after 31 December, the 80% monthly salary will apply for 2024: this excludes parents who complete use on 31 December 2023. For them, parental leave pay remains unchanged: $100% is paid for the first month and 30% is paid for the remaining eight months.

Source: Today IT