Boeing crashed due to problems with 737 Max 9 aircraft

Boeing crashed due to problems with 737 Max 9 aircraft

Airplane manufacturer Boeing experienced a serious decline at the opening of the American stock market this afternoon due to problems with its 737 Max 9 aircraft. American aviation regulator the FAA decided on Saturday that some of these planes should remain grounded. All planes must be inspected after an Alaska Airlines plane lost part of its fuselage mid-air on Friday.

Boeing shares fell sharply on Wall Street today. In the first hour after the start of trading, about 10 percent of the value had already been reduced to ashes. Shares later recovered slightly. Alaska Air also fell: its shares lost almost 5 percent of their value in an hour.

Alaska Air’s Boeing 737 Max 9 lost a type of panel at the emergency exit above the wings on Friday, half an hour after takeoff. The plane, which was heading from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, had to turn back due to an emergency landing.

A passenger on the plane recorded the incident. Check out the pictures here:

A Portland teacher found the broken panel in her backyard. In a press release over the weekend, Boeing said it supports the FAA’s decision to immediately inspect all 737 Max 9 aircraft. “Security is our top priority,” the company emphasized.

Friday’s emergency landing was not the first incident involving the Boeing 737 Max. In March 2019, the type was grounded for a year and a half after two planes crashed in similar circumstances. After adjustments, Max can be operated again.

Source: NOS