Holiday from ZUS contributions. There are details

Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave details of the procedure for the project regarding holidays from ZUS contributions.

The project on vacations from the ZUS contribution paid by sole proprietors (JDG), which provides for the suspension of one contribution per year, should be submitted to the Sejm at the end of March, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced. He announced that the holiday of ZUS contributions has no influence on the amount of the pension

– The idea is that micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed people, just like other employees – we are talking about working people – can also have the right to leave, while not being financially burdened with social security contributions. […] This will result in rapid consultations so that the bill and relevant laws will be submitted to the Sejm by the end of March. Under this law, every micro-entrepreneur, self-employed person and self-employed person can opt for one month per year free from ZUS contributions – said Donald Tusk during a press conference after the government meeting.

“Nobody Will Lose”

– It means that [przedsiębiorcy] they will be able to be free from the Social Insurance Institution contribution for one month per year, and this also means that the state will pay the contribution for this month, to maintain the continuity of the contribution, so that no one loses out on this leave [od składek ZUS] in the future when it comes to the amount of the pension – the Prime Minister emphasized.

Previously, the list of legislative and programmatic activities of the Council of Ministers stated that the Council of Ministers plans to adopt it in the first quarter of this year. a draft law amending the Social Security System Act and certain other laws, introducing the introduction of premium exemptions for entrepreneurs running a sole proprietorship. As reported at the time, the proposed holidays would last a maximum of 3 months during the calendar year.

– I hope that there will be no other obstacles here, the President’s veto and that this year we can introduce holidays for Polish entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs – Tusk concluded at the conference.

Source: Do Rzeczy