Barranquilla, the one with the greatest variation in consumer confidence

The CCI is the result of the grouping of five categories, three of which correspond to household expectations for one year and form the Consumer Expectations Index (IEC); and the other two remaining consist of the Economic Condition Index (ICE), which reflects consumer perception of the current economic situation.

The CCI improved in December and in the cities analyzed of Fedesarrollo was expressed in comparison with the previous month’s result.

Barranquilla recorded the largest variation with 11.7 pps, and followed by Bucaramanga (3.5 pp), Bogotá (3.2 pp), Cali (1.6 pp) and Medellín (1.3 pp).

The willingness to buy a house fell by 9.3 percentage points compared to November 2023, namely -47.8%.

This indicator decreased in Medellín (-16.2 percentage points), Bogotá (-15.5 percentage points) and Bucaramanga (-6.8 percentage points), while it improved and increased in Barranquilla (2.1 percentage points) and Cali (18.3 percentage points).

Source: El heraldo