Jaki: If we do this, Germany will lose billions

The MEP of Sovereign Poland points out the consequences of the actions of the government of Donald Tusk regarding the construction of a container port in Świnoujście. According to him, Poland may be losing a huge development opportunity.

Poland is building a deepwater container terminal in Świnoujście. In July last year, the Seaport Authority of Szczecin and Świnoujście signed a provisional lease agreement with a Belgian-Qatari consortium for land located in the outer port of Świnoujście. The Ministry of Infrastructure emphasizes that the investment will secure the region of Central and Southern Europe in terms of transshipment, and this is an “extraordinary challenge and opportunity” for Poland.

Meanwhile, Germany doesn’t like the project. Last year, the Business Insider website described the arguments our Western neighbors used to justify their opposition to the Polish investment. The website itself notes that “the German coast in the border state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern looks downright idyllic,” but “there is a spot on the horizon dominated by cranes, elevators and other large industrial installations. This is Świnoujście. A rapidly developing Polish port city.”

Jaki warns about Tusk

Patryk Jaki dedicated his latest video on social media to the topic of the construction of the port in Świnoujście. As he noted, to increase the wealth of Polish society, “we must have our own major investments.”

– Poland is building a port in Świnoujście and announced the unblocking of rivers and investments worth PLN 60 billion to make money from transporting goods from the north. This is a great plan to build Poland’s prosperity for generations. However, we know that if we do this, Germany will lose billions. Today, all goods transported on the Scandinavia-Southern Europe route flow by sea to Germany, and from the local ports by rail or along the Elbe River to the south. River transport used to be a power in Poland. Even then, rafting on the Vistula was made much more difficult by the Teutonic Knights, the politician said.

Jaki remembered the latest data on Polish ports. In 2022, raw material volume increased by 18 percent year-on-year to a record high of 133 million tons. Thanks to the construction of a container port in Świnoujście, it would be a serious competitor to Hamburg within six to seven years.

– Two years ago, the German parliamentarian Mrs. Neumann spoke in an interview about secret meetings of opponents of this investment who want to block it so that Poles do not become rich at the expense of Germany. The new West Pomeranian Voivode, Adam Rudawski, has already started the construction of the Oder Valley National Park, which will block Polish investments and our development, Jaki emphasized.

Source: Do Rzeczy