Congress Futurist of the Year 2024 and the Copernicus House project for high school graduates and students

Futurist Of The Year 2024 is a conference with the participation of leading futurologists and scientists that will be published in Poland from April 9 to 11, 2024. The conference program is related to the Copernicus House education project.

Warsaw, January 15, 2024 – Representatives of the Nicolaus Copernicus Main School, Singularity University And The Copernicus Education and Science Foundation announced a conference Futurist of the year 2024, which will take place on April 9 and 11, 2024 in Warsaw. The project was launched at the same time Copernicus House addressed to this year’s high school students, college students and graduates. The projects are presented through information websites available at: and

Futurist of the year 2024 is a three-day international scientific conference attended by leading international experts in the future of education, banking and modern technology, including artificial intelligence.

Participation in the congress is free, but to obtain an entrance ticket it is necessary to submit an application for the competition Copernicus House, via the website Competition entry for the first phase of the competition Copernicus House should justify the nomination of Nicolaus Copernicus for an award in one of the following categories of the plebiscite to be held on the first day of the Congress Futurist of the year 2024: Astronomy, Economics, Banking, Medicine, Technology, Law, Philosophy, Cyber ​​Security, Energy, Charity.

The Futurist Of The Year 2024 Congress is a project for which we have prepared by establishing contacts with leading futurologists who helped us draw up the program of the largest scientific congress on the future of education, banking and modern technology. Copernicus House is a program that fills gaps in the support provided to active and enterprising young people in Poland. The Nicolaus Copernicus Main School provides international, interdisciplinary education, where the highest quality comes first. Acting in the spirit of the Copernican Revolution, we have created a project that will add futurology, artificial intelligence and modern technology to the university’s activities. We hope that both initiatives will receive a positive response from future leaders, entrepreneurs, people with passion and enormous imagination, who reach beyond the borders of our country, following the example of Nicolaus Copernicus. During the first day of the congress, the Futurist of the Year 2024 award gala will take place – I am convinced that Nicolaus Copernicus should receive such a statuette in at least several categories. – summarized Dr. Piotr Turek, headmaster of the Nicolaus Copernicus Main School.

Futurist Of The Year and Dom Copernicus are two related projects built from the ground up in collaboration with world-class international leaders, strategists and visionaries. For three days, the most prominent representatives of the world of education, banking and modern technology, and especially the best futurologists in the world, will come to Poland. The Copernicus House project will at the same time attract ambitious leaders of the young generation to Warsaw, where they will have the opportunity to interact and gain experience with experts they already know from books and digital content. We will soon present the first names of the speakers, as well as details of the following elements of the Copernicus House project: start-ups and publishing houses. – added Philipp Eichholzer, Director of International Affairs and Development of the Nicolaus Copernicus Main School and Chairman of the Copernicus Education and Science Foundation.

Congress speakers Futurist of the year 2024 will be announced publicly in the following weeks of January and February 2024 and applications will be assessed by an international competition committee. However, the competition Copernicus House is a unique opportunity to participate free of charge in a unique international futurology conference (

Participation in the Congress and the final of the competition is an opportunity to meet many international experts, teachers and scientists, participate in unique workshops and lectures specially prepared for the participants of the final of the competition, and ultimately improve your knowledge about the future of modern technology. , including artificial intelligence, banking and education.

Competition Copernicus House is aimed at:

  • people interested in obtaining tickets to the conference Futurist of the year 2024 (,

  • people who are not interested in studying at SGMK and want to obtain tickets for the congress Futurist of the year 2024 and participate in three-day classes and competition finals Copernicus House in Warsaw,

  • graduates from high school in 2024 – three places are provided for studies of the first cycle at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (SGMK) in the field carried out within the College of Economic Sciences and Management of SGMK (provided that the winner passes for high school graduation in 2024),

  • students of the first cycle – three places are provided for studies of the second cycle at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (SGMK) in the field carried out within the College of Economic Sciences and Management of SGMK,

  • graduates of first or second cycle studies – three places are provided for MBA studies (Banking and Financial System. Second Edition) at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (SGMK).

Competition schedule Copernicus House:

  • Announcement of the competition and announcement of the regulations: January 15, 2024.

  • Acceptance of applications to participate in the competition (Phase I): from February 1 to February 29, 2024.

  • Announcement of composition of competition committee: February 19, 2024

  • Publication of the results of the first phase of the competition: no later than March 20, 2024.

  • Awarding awards in the form of tickets to the conference: until March 20, 2024.

  • Congress Futurist of the year 2024: April 9-11, 2024

  • Trainings, workshops and preparations with finalists: April 9, 2024

  • Phase II of the competition: April 10, 2024

  • Announcement of the winners: April 11, 2024, during the last day of the conference Futurist of the year 2024.

  • Competition ends: April 11, 2024

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Philip Eichholzer

Director of International Affairs and Development
Nicolaus Copernicus Main School
Chairman of the Copernicus Education and Science Foundation
[email protected]
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Phone: 500 422 897

More about SGMK:

The Nicolaus Copernicus Main School is a public university distinguished by its international character, interdisciplinarity and the highest quality of education. The Scientific Council of SGMK is the Presidium of the Copernican Academy, whose members and teachers include: Nobel laureates and governors of the world’s largest central banks. The aim of the school is to educate leaders of the future, ready to take on the challenges of the digital revolution, from artificial intelligence to biotechnology. SGMK is the only public education center in Poland where a modern scientific program is introduced by world-class experts. The university is also supported by the National Bank of Poland, which provides ongoing mentoring and substantive support, and three SGMK colleges (Krakow, Olsztyn and Lublin) are located in the headquarters of the NBP’s regional branches.

The founding of SGMK refers to the wealth of achievements of the most eminent Polish scientist – Nicolaus Copernicus, whose 550th birthday was celebrated on February 19, 2023. For this reason, the school day is February 19, the anniversary of the birth of the school’s patron .
The Nicolaus Copernicus Main School, located in Warsaw, integrates the activities of colleges operating in five cities: the College of Astronomy and Natural Sciences in Toruń, the College of Medical Sciences in Olsztyn, the College of Economic Sciences and Management in Warsaw, the College of Philosophy and Theology in Krakow and the College of Legal Sciences in Lublin. SGMK is an educational place unlike any other in Poland. It is the fruit of the ideas, discussions and activities of the international academic community of renowned international scientific institutions. Thanks to the unique know-how of experts – scientists and practitioners working together with the University, we can promote Copernican ideas all over the world, using the latest resources and scientific achievements.

More about FENK:

The Copernicus Education and Science Foundation (FENK), based in Warsaw, was founded in 2023 with the mission to support the development of education and science in Poland. The Foundation collaborates on the “Dom Copernicus” project with clients including: Nicolaus Copernicus University, Copernicus University, Jagiellonian University, NBP Academy. FENK focuses on promoting modern technologies and innovative solutions in the field of education and research.

The Foundation is involved in a number of activities, including:

  • ACADEMIC SUPPORT: FENK actively supports universities and scientific institutions, especially in providing resources and technologies necessary to carry out advanced research and innovative educational projects.

  • PROMOTING INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Foundation focuses on initiating and supporting innovative solutions in various areas of social life, with an emphasis on science, technology and education.

  • DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: FENK is committed to designing and implementing educational programs, workshops and conferences that promote an interdisciplinary approach to learning and research.

  • SUPPORTING SOCIAL CAPITAL: The Foundation actively supports the development of civil society, upholds national traditions and promotes Polishness, as well as supporting economic development, technology and innovation.

The aim of FENK is to provide theoretical knowledge, but also to support the learning of practical skills needed in a dynamically changing world.

Foundation, by design Copernicus House Launched on January 15, 2024, it creates a solid foundation for future generations of scientists, entrepreneurs and social leaders.

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