Toninelli caught tuna and salmon in the supermarket: “Look, 7.99 euros, an incredible price.”

Danilo Toninelli said he couldn’t afford tuna and salmon anymore? WRONG. With his usual enthusiasm, the former M5s minister dismisses newspaper headlines about his alleged difficulty in purchasing the aforementioned fish products due to inflation as “nonsense”.

“I shop just like you,” Toninelli said while responding to a user during a livestream a few days ago. YouTube“I do whatever is necessary to help my family and it has become crazy. I used to eat salmon or bresaola because they are rich in protein, but now I have eliminated them all, partly because I try to limit meat and fish. “A partly because it is no longer possible. Now I can’t even buy tuna. Do you know canned tuna? I used to buy the glass one, but damn it cost 2.50 euros a box, now it’s 7 euros.”

Hence the newspaper’s “headlines” and Toninelli’s angry response. Anyone who sees fit to respond directly from a supermarket department. “We are responding to the journalist phenomenon that attacked me today for saying ‘I can’t afford tuna and salmon in the supermarket’. I never said this – said Toninelli – but almost all Italians do not do this. Here is the proof: 6-7-8 euros for 90-100 grams of salmon “We’re in between,” says the former minister, framing a shelf overflowing with the famous pink fish. “These are 180 gram tuna packs, look, 7.99 euros. An incredible price, unsustainable for the majority of Italians. Instead, in the face of journalists hiding the sensational fact that the cost of living in Italy has almost doubled.” very soon.”

Toninelli later explained the concept precisely in a new livestream on YouTube: “I never said I couldn’t afford tuna and salmon, but the cost of living has completely increased, even with commonly used items like canned tuna.” and therefore caution must be exercised in spending to support a family, which is true for me, for you, and for nine-tenths of Italian families”. After repeating this point once more, inevitably a harsh remark was directed at the “embarrassing newsagent” sarcasm comes in. “But really – asks Toninelli – do you have the courage to make fun of and anger most Italians?”

Source: Today IT