Because starting from February, pasta, biscuits and snacks will be cheaper: “Prices dropped by 15 percent”

Barilla announced that it will reduce the prices of its products by 7% to 15% within a few weeks, starting in February. The decision will have a positive impact on the food expenses of many Italians struggling to make ends meet, the Parma-based food company said in a note. “This is a major operation that will concern not only the famous Spaghetti n. 5, but also a large part of the pasta range,” the company emphasizes. There are also Mulino Bianco products, biscuits, snacks, rusks and bread. But there are also some products. Pavesi articles” such as Gocciole, a brand belonging to the group.

The promotion will last until December 31, 2024. “This is an extraordinary operation by Barilla to reduce sales prices directly to customers and distributors.” Starting in February, across the country, Barilla will promote an extraordinary operation to reduce selling prices to direct customers/distributors on an important basket of products identified as among the most important products for millions of families.

“We believe that this represents the strong sense of responsibility with which Barilla has always operated, to honor and see that it confirms the trust that people and relevant stakeholders have placed in the company and its brands for 147 years,” concludes Barilla.

Source: Today IT