From the (not too big) basket to the full stomach: tips for saving money on shopping

Italians’ shopping baskets are still heavy and inflation is still affecting family savings. This was also revealed by a survey by Altroconsumo, which underlined that in 2023, every Italian family will spend an average of 409 euros per month on food expenses. This average increases significantly compared to 2022, when each family will spend 382 euros, i.e. 27 euros less. Therefore, in one year, the price of Italian expenses increased by 7%, and inflation especially affected the budgets of less wealthy families and households of 5 or more people. The consumer association also suggests strategies to prevent waste and make more rational purchases.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is to always carry a shopping list with you, which you have prepared after checking which products you have at home and which ones are approaching their expiration date.

The second is more original. Altroconsumo recommends going to the supermarket on a full stomach, choosing the time period after breakfast or lunch, and ensuring that raw materials are fresh to avoid unnecessary purchases. Moreover, it is more convenient to buy a cart when you need to buy less: Carts are often larger, which can cause you to fill them with more, or even buy more than you need.

Before finally paying, it may be advisable to make a final check on the purchased items to verify whether everything placed in the basket is actually useful, the consumer association advises.

Source: Today IT