Maserati crisis, production declines and layoffs begin

There are concerns following the Stellantis group’s announcement of layoffs for Maserati models for employees at the Mirafiori factory in Turin; This decision follows a similar decision affecting the Trident factory in Modena, where approximately 200 workers will be laid off. Pay for three weeks, from January 29th to February 17th.

This is how the pride of Maserati and Made in Italy dies

A setback we read about in Modena Today is certainly not comforting, especially after the good results achieved for models produced in Modena, where the successful MC20 super sports car in the reference market is produced. However, orders are decreasing and this will cause expectations to decrease.

Gamba (Fim Cisl): “The company respects its commitments”

Trade unionist Alessandro Gamba, deputy secretary of Fim Cisl Emilia Centrale, said: “In the last two years, the Trident center in Modena has achieved all its production targets. In particular, 1,244 MC20 cars were produced in 2023, which satisfies the production capacity – he underlines” several of the Maserati factory in Modena We know that it has been in trouble for weeks and that 2024 is opening with a sharp decline in MC20 orders. We will verify with the company the implementation of the industrial plan for new models and the implementation of new models. platform in the fully electric Folgore MC20 We will also – Gamba continues – ask Maserati to approve investments in the new painting factory for the personalization of vehicles”.

In addition to approximately 200 direct production employees, approximately 850 engineers work in design and development activities at the two Maserati sites in Modena, serving all Stellantis entities. “In the new structure of the R&D centres, it will be essential that this important reality linked to research and design has continuity and does not undergo shrinkage, because – Emilia Centrale Alessandro Gamba, deputy secretary of Fim Cisl, concludes that Maserati must continue to invest in the quality and distinctiveness of its brand ”.

Source: Today IT