Merchants in the country insist the national government is stigmatizing them

“We welcome the academic debate, with true facts and well-substantiated figures, but without ideological biases and tendentious interpretations against the Colombian business fabric‘, said the union leader.

The document of Treasury revealed that data on the effect of corporate profits on inflation, refers to recent studies and statements from the European Central Bank and the OECDamong other organizations, which argue that profit has been an important source of income inflation in Europe.

In the statement of Palace It is stated that this type of inflation requires not only monetary measures, but also “measures aimed at promoting competition and thus market”.

Cabal indicated that in the country the evolution of the distribution of the Gross national product by income, because in practice the Colombian government interprets that inflation in 2021 and 2022 is explained by an oligopolistic agreement between companies that feel an unexpected hunger to achieve high returns, which does not pass the analysis.

Source: El heraldo