Wartsila, agreement reached: solidarity extended by six months

Wartsila workers breathed a sigh of relief. The agreement regarding the industrial crisis at the Bagnoli della Rosandra plant in the province of Trieste was signed today, Wednesday, January 17. Following the disagreement between the Finnish multinational company and the acronyms Fim Fiom and Uil at the meeting on January 9, the company, unions and institutions managed to reach an agreement. Wartsila’s leaders accepted the request to extend the solidarity agreement until June 30, 2024 and the possibility of the company starting the transfer of assets and machinery subject to agreement with unions and reindustrialists.

Wartsila, what happens now?

As we read in the Mimit note, it will now be possible to return to the table for the program agreement already determined for January 22, which is “fundamental to give a perspective structure to the region affected by the closure of Wartsila’s production activities.” . The agreement was signed by trade minister Adolfo Urso, undersecretary for trade crises Fausta Bergamotto, Wartsila, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Confindustria and trade unions.

The government is satisfied, as evidenced by the following words of Minister Urso: “The reindustrialization process initiated for the center of Bagnoli della Rosandra is a fact of particular importance; it is the result of extraordinary teamwork, carried out also with the Region and the unions, and it represents a concrete solution. “Wartsila’s I am very pleased that he accepted our project.” At the end of the meeting, Undersecretary Bergamotto said, “According to the indications, I am sure that we will all now work towards a single goal: to give a solid perspective to this re-industrialization process.”

Alessia Rosolen, Friuli Venezia Giuli’s regional councilor for Work, was also pleased: “What the government achieved with the minister’s action was a job that highlights the national strategic nature of the entire production chain and also of the Bagnoli plant della Rosandra. This important result is an important result for institutions, social partners and It was achieved thanks to the employers’ union”. In his speech, one of Fedriga’s executives wanted to highlight the change of direction made by Wartsila compared to what emerged at the last meeting on January 9: “We can only evaluate the change of direction that the Finnish company has had as a positive – Rosolen, speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, said: Because this way we achieve the real goal, “that is, working conditions are created with unity of intention to achieve the re-industrialization of the plant and the support of workers directly involved in production. It is also added that the remaining functions of Wartsila Italia’s 600 employees who are not subject to decentralization are unified”.

“An important turning point”

The agreement reached represents a significant “turning point” for the dispute, as highlighted in a note from the USB union: “The commitment of the institutions to respond to the situation arising in this dispute must be recognized, especially in view of the position taken so far by the Finnish multinational “. “The union explains: “It is good that Minister Urso’s intervention has resolved all misunderstandings in the discussions with Wartsila’s Finnish leaders regarding the procedural timelines necessary to guarantee the path to be defined through the program agreement. The agreement signed today, which allows the extension of the solidarity agreement, not only puts the program agreement at the center as a tool for re-industrialization, but also defines an important path for the valorization of that field, further guaranteeing its strategic and industrial occupation. He stated that Ansaldo’s presence under this agreement is positive and that today it further confirms its commitment to re-industrialization.

“For USB – the note concludes – today’s table marks an important turning point for the dispute, but it is absolutely necessary not to waste time, maximum determination is now needed: in fact, to date, the function that Wartsila Italia will have in Europe is the future of Trieste and There is a full discussion to be had about Ansaldo Energia’s industrial project, first of all, to obtain the necessary employment guarantees for all workers involved in the divestiture. For us the program contract, employment protections and the environment of industrialists”.

Source: Today IT