Which supermarkets do Italians prefer (and why): ranking

Saving on prices is essential but not sufficient. Consumers in Bel Paese focus their eyes on factors such as the quality and assortment of products, as well as the comfort and efficiency of payment transactions.

Altroconsumo’s new annual survey on satisfaction with supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores lists the most popular distribution chains and sheds light on the latest consumer trends.

Going to the supermarket several times a week and shopping from home are no longer popular

According to data, online shopping appears to be at the end of its glory moment. After the pandemic period has been put under the spotlight, the majority of those interviewed today clearly prefer “face-to-face” shopping. 8 out of 10 people have never tried shopping from home.

How often to the supermarket? 62% of the sample examined go shopping at least once or twice a week, and 23% go shopping more often.

Favorite supermarkets and why

The survey found that the first factor that affects satisfaction with a supermarket chain is prices. Next comes satisfaction with the products purchased, followed by the overall quality of “own brand” products, followed by convenience and product variety.

Among the favorite supermarkets, Made in Italy distribution stands out: Esselunga is at the top of the ranking, followed by IperCoop, just one point away. NaturaS√¨, a chain dedicated to organic, sustainability and well-being, took third place. As Altroconsumo comments, “features that clearly make a strong impression on environmentally conscious consumers. Their strong point? The quality of the products”.

Local supermarkets are also very popular; meaning local brands are only available in certain regions. The best among this category is “Dem”, a chain with several outlets located between Rome and Frosinone. Directly below is the “Tosano”, a group of 19 supermarkets located in the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Brescia, Venice, Mantua, Treviso, Ferrara, Padua and Udine, attractive above all with their prices.

In the discount category, the favorites are Eurospin and Aldi.

Source: Today IT