Modelo Especial Beer included in the index of the most valuable brands in the world

Mexican beer Modelo Especial entered the index of the 500 most valuable brands in the world, as revealed this Wednesday by the latest Global 500 report from the consulting company Brand Finance.

The label ranks 455th on the list, which includes four other Latin American firms: also Mexican beers. Extra Crown (position 207) and the Brazilian banks Itaú (263), Banco do Brasil (431) and Bradesco (477).

Special model “It also achieved significant growth, increasing its brand value by 24% to $5.2 billion,” he said. Brand Finance this is a statement.

While Corona Extra, the most valuable in the region, rose 40% to $10.4 billion, overtaking Itaú.

In this regard, Lawrence Newell, director of Brand Finance in the Americas, believes that “beer brands of Mexican origin are recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Proof of this is the representation Mexico in the Global 500 ranking 2024.”

He explained that the Modelo Especial brand value “continues to grow, far exceeding pre-pandemic data, due to North American consumer

Joint assessment of five Latin American brands on the list is $34 billion, which is 9% more than in 2023.

The annual decline in the value of Itaú was 4.5%, while the annual growth of Banco do Brasil was 11%.

The brand value of Brazilian financial institution Bradeco fell 2%.

While Modelo Especial made the Brand Finance global list for the first time, it also became the second “strongest” brand in Latin America thanks to a strength index of 78.9 out of 100 and an “AA+” brand rating. added value, they measure remuneration, reputation and ideas about sustainability.

“Corona Extra remains year after year most valuable brand in Mexico and Latin America,” said Brand Finance’s director for America.

The report highlights that Claro, mexican brand telecommunications, which has been present in this report since 2010, failed to remain on the list this year.


Source: Aristegui Noticias