Ecopetrol will contribute about $55 billion to the state in 2023

In an interview with EFE during his presence Davos World Economic ForumRoa has explained that by 2023, the oil company’s largest contributions to the Colombian state “in terms of taxes, royalties and dividends”, having already reached $45,140 million between January and September.

Although the oil company has not yet closed its accounts for last year, its profits were reduced by 44% through September, as a result of, as explained Richard Roaup to the price difference of Petroleum between 2022, “when $100 is exceeded,” and 2023, “when $80 is barely around $80.”

Although price developments will not allow this Ecogasoline improve its results for 2022: “in terms of technical performance, performance and activity margins, the company is going to improve on the previous data,” the manager said.

Source: El heraldo