Invoice bonus is not what it used to be: New ISEE limit and data sent by INPS

Goodbye to the “stepped up” bill bonus, a bill discount for families experiencing economic or physical hardship to offset increases in electricity costs. In fact, since January 1, 2024, we have returned to the ordinary, less “generous” version of social stimulus. If in 2023 those with an ISEE of up to 15 thousand euros (or 30 thousand euros with at least four dependent children) were able to benefit from this assistance, now the value of the equivalent economic situation indicator has dropped to 9 thousand 530 euros. With at least four dependent children, the maximum amount reaches 20 thousand euros. The “traditional” electricity bonus for the electricity bill only remains valid for the months January, February and March 2024: the contribution ranges from 76.44 euros for households with one or two components to 113.75 euros for larger cores.

Therefore, the ISEE limits at which one can continue to benefit from the social bonus on bills in 2024 are decreasing, and this concerns all domestic supplies: electricity (but, as stated here, the electricity bonus is still active), gas and water. The group of beneficiaries reverted to the expansion before the 2023 expansion because the expansion was not reconfirmed in the last maneuver of the Meloni government. In short, this year the economic hardship social bonus is given to people whose ISEE does not exceed 9 thousand 530 euros, and to people whose ISEE does not exceed 20 thousand euros, and to families with at least four dependent children.

You do not need to apply to benefit from the aid because it comes automatically to those who meet the conditions set by law. INPS sends the necessary information directly to Arera, the energy, networks and environment regulatory authority.

How to check the data sent by INPS for the invoice bonus

To find out if you are among the beneficiaries, you can check on the INPS portal by accessing your private area. You need to access the “Isee tek portal”, then click on “login as citizen” and enter your credentials. Access is possible with Spid, Cie (electronic identity card) and Cns (national service card). Once you log in to the private area, you should look for “search your statements” in the top right. Once you have selected your tax code, you need to click on “search” and then on “Search for Dsu social bonus” on the right side of the screen. At this point it is possible to view the list of DSUs (single substitution declaration) and therefore the data sent by INPS to Arera for access to social premiums on invoices.

It is the INPS that explains the next steps: “The Institute periodically transmits to Acquirente Unico SpA the data of citizens whose values ​​​​are within the established ISEE thresholds for the receipt of social bonuses. The latter is the company that manages the table. All activities resulting from the transmission of the above-mentioned data Arera and Acquirente Unico SpA” “It is the sole buyer who transmits the names of citizens entitled to social bonuses to electricity, gas and water distributors.”

Source: Today IT