This was the average salary in December in the business community

The average salary in December 2023 was more than PLN 8,000. disgusting. The information was provided by the Polish Economic Institute, based on data from the Central Statistical Office.

PIE announced on Monday that, according to the latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average salary in the business sector in December amounted to PLN 8,033 gross. Experts from the public think tank pointed out that this was the first time after 1989 that the 8,000 threshold had been exceeded. zloty.

As they write, the increase is due not only to increases in basic salary, but also to the payment of Christmas bonuses and one-off bonuses awarded at the end of the year. Analysts calculated that the pace of wage growth slowed from 11.8 to 9.6 percent in December. but despite this, real wages increase by 3.4 percentage points. percent faster than inflation.

Unemployment – ​​5 percent

The registered unemployment rate was 5.1%. at the end of December 2023 (compared to 5% a month earlier), according to data from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy (MRPiS).

“The registered unemployment rate in Poland reached 5.1% in December 2023 – according to preliminary data from the #MRPiPS. Compared to the end of 2022, it was 0.1 percentage points lower.” – wrote the ministry on its profile on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

This year’s draft budget law states that the registered unemployment rate will be 5.4%. at the end of 2023 and 5.2 percent at the end of 2024

Source: Do Rzeczy