The first nuclear power plant. It has been revealed who wants to delay nuclear power in Poland

The media has obtained a list of entities that want the environmental decision for the first nuclear power plant in Poland to be reconsidered.

According to the findings of “Rzeczpospolita”, requests for reconsideration of the case have been submitted to the General Directorate for Environmental Protection (GDOŚ) by several environmental organizations and several natural persons. Their details are not known for privacy reasons.

Who wants to change the environmental decision?

The list obtained by the newspaper includes: the Baltic SOS Association for the Defense of Natural Coastal Areas, the Polish Industrial Lobby. Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, the Ecological Association EKO-UNIA and represented by one person: the Green Federation Association in Białystok, the Zielony Białystok Association, the Innovative Białystok Association, the Innovative Poland Association, the Association of Persons Injured by the Town Hall in Białystok , the Association, Białowieża Institute Foundation and the Society for the Improvement of the World Foundation.

The daily draws attention to the fact that the environmental decision issued by GDOŚ in 2023 for the first nuclear power plant to be built in Choczewo has not yet been finalized and will not be finalized for long.

GDOŚ informed “Rz” that “it is currently not possible to indicate the date of completion of the appeal procedure” because “the authority, when conducting the procedure to issue an environmental decision, is bound by the application of the investor, including the indicated location of the project.”

The first nuclear power plant in Poland. Location in danger?

According to the Vice President of the Polish Nuclear Power Plants, Łukasz Młynarkiewicz, “the submitted applications in no way call into question the validity of the decision and do not suspend preparatory work at the site.”

Changing the location of the nuclear power plant in Pomerania would mean delaying its construction for several years. Experts believe that the Polish nuclear power project has already been delayed for about two years, and every month of delay only increases the delay.

Source: Do Rzeczy